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Product Policies

  • Product Availability and Pricing Policy.(Draft)

Products which are displayed on our Website are not always available for immediate shipping. While we make every effort to keep the Website current, product is constantly being sold and therefore available inventory is constantly changing Sometimes an item sold before we put notification on the site. Should it happen, we shall immediately assist you in finding a replacement item for your selection.

In rare chances, the data mentioned on our website may have some system errors or typographical errors. While we make every attempt to avoid these, we reserve the right to correct these errors when they occur and we do not honor inaccurate or erroneous prices. Our Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Should you have any questions in this regards, please do not hesitate to contact our sales associates at daytime telephone number +852-23758018 or toll free number if calling from China, use the telephone nos.10 800 852 1932(China Unicom Fixed Line) or 10 800 152 1932(China Telecom Fixed Line) or simply send email us on

Also should you have request for quicker shipment, you are free to contact us via telephone or email. 

If you select to return the product, then please refer to our 15-days risk free returns policy for full details.

For special made or custom made jewelry, we require the payment in full to process the order. These goods which are special or custom made are not returnable and non-refundable.