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What is a Diamond Certification?

A diamond grading report or diamond quality certificate is a printed report that states the features and the value of the diamond. This certificate is unique for each diamond. And our every Loose Diamond shipped carries an original Certificate.

Who Issues these loose Diamond Certificates ?

We sell only Certified Loose Diamonds, and selected Jewellery with Certified Diamonds .For all the Loose Diamonds, we will ship out only with the Grading Certificate. These certificates are obtained from the most trusted and credible Gemmological Testing Laboratories namely the IGI, GIA, HRD and NGTC, which grade the Diamonds’ authenticity and quality. These laboratories are world recognized for their reputation and known to all prominent jewellers. You can be assured when you buy Certified Diamonds. Here we request you to please keep the certificate carefully always for further references as it is an important document.

What is the importance of the certified loose diamond?

It is of prime importance which guarantees the client of the gems quality and that it is genuine. In the future should the client decide to sell the diamond then this certificate will help him do so with ease.

Do you also have Diamonds Professionals to guide Me?

We believe in providing a strong base of Customer Service Sales to the desiring clientele.
Hence we have included a sturdy line of well experienced GIA, Graduates, who are qualified Gemmologist Diploma holders in this field.
They are qualified professionals with experience of 7-10 Years in this field of diamantre . They are well versed and can guide you on each and every aspect of the diamond, including the knowledge of 4-Cs or any more information you may need.

What Languages do you speak?

We are multilingual, and have personnel, proficient in speaking English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Indian Language..

Do you supply Wholesale Diamonds? Are you a wholesaler?

Yes, we are traditionally an established Manufacturer and Exporters .We supply only wholesale diamonds to Prominent Jewellers, Auctioneers and prestigious clients both locally and globally. It is noteworthy that we process most of fine quality diamonds from rough state to polished state with our internal processing systems and Infrastructure. We offer Diamonds From Mines To Market Direct basis. A subject worth mentioning here is we source the rough diamonds from world’s leading and renowned supplier of very high quality diamonds, The Rio Tinto Mines, process, polish and market it .with our guarantees. Each diamond we process a well balanced brilliance and sparkling lustre . We can assure you of both the competitive prices as well as unmistakably high quality diamonds.

Can I buy at your facility or showroom?

Yes, should you be buying in bulk, or for an special upcoming occasion of wedding, anniversary and plan to make a line of jewellery, alternatively if you are looking to buy a special quality then please contact our Customer Service Representative and send in your details. They shall arrange a meeting in our Showrooms or Service Centres, with our Diamond Experts who shall assist you. is absolutely necessary to book an appointment Alternatively clients can also collect their shipment at our showroom with prior appointment

Do you have any Exchange policy ?

Yes, at 16diamonds always strives to offer fair deals to all our clients. We will offer exchange if your purchased Certified Loose Diamond or Jewellery is more than USD 10,000.00 and you request to upgrade and buy higher value items  from us again. However for smaller than this amounts it would be not possible due inventory, handling and other costs.. With the original goods, one has to return the Invoice, the Original Grading Certificate and obtain our prior permission too. The exchange decision relies exclusively on 16diamonds decision, and we will exchange goods only if they are in perfect condition as shipped without any wear and tear. Further goods must be as good as new, excluding any damages, resizing done, scratches, chipped corners etc..Otherwise it will not be considered for exchange. We have exchange processes in place, upon receiving your request for exchange, our customer service department shall handle your request, and advise their consent. Then, you can send us the goods back. Only after our Jewellery exerts perform their checks and inspection to evaluate the goods exchange-worthiness. We will send you the confirmation if your request can be entertained and the goods be exchanged or returned back to you immediately.

What Assurance do you provide?

Nothing can go wrong when you pay through Pay Pal , Union Pay,Bank Transfer or be it Local Checks.. All genuine Internet merchants use these methods which are used and trusted worldwide each day. More ever, our site is secure with security protocols and your account information would be send directly to their website.

How Do I track my order?

As soon as we create the shipment for you, our logistics team will automatically advise you of the shipping confirmation email, which will include your tracking number and a link of the courier to track your package. You have options to view the couriers own website which shows the transit activity and arrival to you. Or Simply mail to us on and our customer service representative shall be pleased to assist you. We endure best to advise you at each step until the parcel is reached in your hand.

Can I, view the diamond which I, see on your website before buying?

Unfortunately, we cannot send you the diamond until the payment is received. But, one can choose to visit our facility with a pre booked appointment.

What is your Returns Policy?

We offer 30-days return guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your item, then simply call us to obtain a return authorization number, and our service representative team shall guide you the process of returning. Read more information in Terms and Conditions.

Do you sell Conflict Diamonds ?

We have a strict policy and comply with the Kimberly Process and do not deal in conflict diamonds knowingly. The Kimberly Process is a UN Mandated International Certificate program aimed to prevent the trade in Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. Our policy of buying diamonds clearly state and warrant that the diamonds we buy from the source are indeed conflict free diamonds. In every effort, we are committed to the highest grades and quality with ethical standards.

How long does it to take to ship my order ?

Normally for loose diamonds alike it may take us 7-14 days and jewellery it may take us 14-21 days to ship out the order. Our customer service team makes every effort to keep in touch with you once your order is ready to be dispatched.

How is my ordered item packed and delivered?

All of our diamonds and jewellery is delivered in discretely packed safely in a box, and well insulated packaging which shall arrive at your side safely.

Do you cover Insurance?
For all orders worth over HKD 3000.00 we cover insurance. However the client when paying the shipping cost which includes covering the insurance cost is liable to pay the insurance. In other words all the outgoing shipments are insured for safety and secured until they reach clients doorstep

Can you ship the orders to another address?

Yes, we can send the goods to the other designated address provided by you.

Can I, collect my ordered Unit may it be Loose Diamond or Jewellery?

Yes, once we have received your payment, and you have informed our sales team.Who shall book an appointment for you to pick up from our facility. However the proof of identity would be essential to release the consignment to you.

Need Assistance on Return of your Order?

We invite you to please read the instructions in our Shopping Guidelines and Return & Refund Policy carefully and feel free to contact our service representatives on +852-2375 8018 / China Toll Free Numbers 10 800 852 1932 ( China Unicom Fixed Line, or 10 800 152 19329 ( China Telecom Fixed Line:

Where are your Showrooms & Service Centres?

Please click this link visit our showroom and service centre.

What aspects are covered in your lifetime warranty?

The Lifetime warranty covers services like cleaning and prong tightening.

What if I, don’t order the correct size ring?

We are sure everyone is prone to mistake. Should this be the case, then we shall be glad to resize your ring, once sent back to us within 7-days from the date of your receipt. We shall need 3-4 days for correcting the required size and sending it back to you. There will be no additional costs for this. However this facility limits to Rings only.

What if I, need to make some changes in my order or cancel it?

For questions on your order, call our Customer Service hotline on –Hong Kong Telephone Number+852-2375 8018, , if calling from Mainland China then kindly call from 10 800 852 1932 ( China Unicom Fixed Line, or 10 800 152 19329 ( China Telecom Fixed Line), Monday to Friday between 9.30-17.30hours (+8.00 HOURS GMT) or simply send us an email at We shall do every possible effort in assisting you on any aspects.

How often do you replenish your inventory?

We replenish /add items to our inventory once daily.

I, have found the diamond/Jewellery earlier on your website, but is not available now.How can I, order ?

Simply feel free to contact our Customer Service Representative, and they will make every effort in checking with our sources and reply you in short time of its availability.

Are the Diamonds you sell Heat Treated?

Our Diamonds are not heat treated

Will you collect the taxes and duty before effecting the shipment?

Yes, we normally ship to countries as specified in our website. And prefer to collect the stipulated taxes and duties to pay to the courier. So that the parcel arrives to you without any delays in transit and in meantime meeting the requirements of the country and its requirements.

Will my personal information be shared with other parties?

No, we respect your privacy. You are further advised to read our Terms of Business using our website to get full information of your rights and the security we provide.

Inform me the Order Processing Time?

For Loose Diamonds we shall ship out within 7- 14 days and for Jewelry we shall ship out within 14 - 21 days timeframe.
Further should one need to know the Transit Time, then please check our Shipping Policy to know the estimated time required for goods to reach in your country.

What is the cost of Shipping and How can I know it?

Please kindly contact our Customer Service Representative who shall check with the courier and send you feedback in short time.

Can we offer custom quality Loose diamonds?

Yes, We can offer you the diamond you are looking for, kindly call us at daytimetelephone number +852-2375 8018 or China toll free number 10800 852 1932(CN Unicorn fixed line )and 10800 152 1932 (China Telecom fixed line)  or simply send email us on for your enquiries on the quality un-manifested inour inventory list.

What are your payment methods?
We offer various payment methods suiting to different regions

Credit Cards  : Master Card, Visa Card, AMEX, JCB (PayPal.)

China China region: Union Pay.

Bank Transfer : Through our Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.Account.

Are all the goods in Fixed Prices?

 As our policy, all the prices are not negotiable and fixed prices.

Are the Loose Diamonds Certified ?

 Certainly, all the loose diamonds shipped from are certified. 
The certification is done from world renowned inspection laboratories such as theIGI, GIA, HRD or NGTC so that our client is confident of the quality aspects.
For the Jewellery which we sell, it may have the certified diamonds or may not havecertified diamonds in them. 
The jewellery made from certified diamonds will be mentioned distinctively on ourwebsite, also copy of certificate shown next to the image of the jewellery for clientsreference.
Clients are assured that in such case the jewellery will be shipped with the originalgrading certificate to them

Do you daily update the currency rates ?

Yes,We normally update the dailyCurrency existing rates each day at 9.30 AM( GMT+8.00 hrs) Hong Kong time.