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Diamond 101 – Choosing the right diamond 


3 simple steps to choosing the right diamond:

Step 1: Determine the budget

We carry a comprehensive selection of diamond and jewelry which may vary from less than USD 99 to several thousand dollars, before selecting the cut, carat and weigh, knowing your budget beforehand will keep your diamond-shopping experience at ease.

Step 2: Knowing the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Carat weight & Color)

Every diamond is unique, the Gemological institute of America (GIA)’s standard of grading a diamond using the 4Cs is a universal diamond buying guide, it allows you to get to know the characteristic of the individual diamond. To learn about the 4Cs in detail , click here

Step 3: Choosing the highest quality of cut you can afford

Once you know the basics, you can know choose the diamonds in your desired 4Cs that’s within your budget. If you have any question, we are always prepared to help and provide necessary information to help you make the best choice!

Gift a Diamond 

Why gift a diamond:

  • Diamonds are a true symbol of love and commitment
  • Diamonds are rare, precious and will last forever .
  • Each diamond is unique and one-of a kind.

Why gift a loose diamond:

  • You can get a much bigger and better quality diamond and then have the jewellery made for the same budget.
  • Hassle free - save the worry of not finding the right jewellery to fit your partner.
  • Surprise your loved one with a stunning diamond giftwrapped, and then design the jewellery together.

Occassion to gift a diamond

  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Graduations
  • Celebrate new borns
  • Celebrate accomplishments & achievements
  • Other special occassions - Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas

Diamond Guide

Choosing the right diamond is not a decision to be taken lightly, as this is a special and cherished piece of jewelry that will hold important sentimental value for many years. Understanding what you are looking for and knowing the basics will help you to make the best choice.

One thing to consider is the shape that you are looking for. Do you want a classic round cut, a princess cut or an emerald or marquis cut? Also, to make the right choice you will need to consider the 4Cs.

One C stands for Cut, which is the way that the diamond has been shaped into facets that will reflect the light. Colour is another “C”, which describes the hue of the diamond (they aren’t always truly clear!). Another “C” is clarity, which describes the internal purity of the diamond. You should also consider “C” for Carat, which is a measure of weight.

These factors will help you to choose a diamond that is valuable as well as beautiful.


"Very happy with my recent purchase of 80 cents round diamond from Ceicludia has been a great help in selecting the right quality diamond within my budget. She also went extra miles and shared additional ring designs to match my requirements. I got my diamond ring made at almost 30% lower price than what I had enquired with my local jeweler. Excellent service and delivery was fast. Will come back and shop again."

"Got a good price deal on 1 carat princess. Extremely happy with the professional customer service."

"I was impressed with the personalized attention provided by Ceicludia. She helped me pick a beautiful pair of solitaire studs. Nice packaging and quick delivery."