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How to choose Diamonds

Diamonds are girl’s best friend and Diamonds are forever as it is well said.  But if one is new to buying, then it could be a daunting task choosing the right diamond which comes with added assurance.

 We are are always prepared to bestow confidence and provide knowledge of vital importance to our clients to help them make the right purchase at the same time be confident that they have made right decision in buying from the right source.

We request you to read on, as these points are to help you to understand how to choose the right diamond or jewelry leaving no room for errors.

In the first place determine the Budget:

We carry a comprehensive list of inventory of diamonds and diamond jewelry which may vary from less than USD 99 to several thousand USD.
Once you are pre-determined on how much to spend, then the next steps would only follow in line and you would be on track. Otherwise it would be a recurring process until you find the right diamond at right price suitable to your budget.

The second steps are to know the 4Cs (namely the Cut, clarity carat weight and color) 

For this review we invite you to visit the EDUCATION selection for Know More about Diamonds selection for detailed information.

The third step is a determining step

After knowing the factors, and the budget, you can go ahead and now choose the diamonds which suit your requirement with relevant variables such as

 Desired Carat Weights;
 Desired Color;
 Desired Clarity;
 Desired Cut and finally

We further ensure our client of quality-assurance and confidence on all purchases by shipping each piece of diamond with a Diamond Grading Report (issued by IGI, GIA, HRD and NGTC, which are most trusted and world recognized laboratories, for diamond testing who issue authenticated certificates which are universally accepted and respected by all the diamond buyers and jewelers alike) 

For the Jewelry which we sell, it may have the certified diamonds or may not have certified diamonds in them. 

The jewelry made from certified diamonds will be mentioned distinctively on our website, also copy of certificate shown next to the image of the jewelry for clients reference.
Client are assured that in such case the jewelry will be shipped with the original grading certificate to them