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Why Buy Loose Diamonds ?

Usually one would think of buying loose diamond, with the intention to use it in desired jewelry.

This is indeed a good idea, since, it has very many benefits.

Let us now list below the components when pricing the Jewelry.

1-Cost of Diamond
2-Cost of Metal
3-Cost of workmanship.

People have been buying loose diamonds since long time, when they wish to save, or lookfor selective loose diamonds, this trend is widely increasing as one would take cue from thegrowing demand and the ultimate consumer is a smart buyer in modern times.

One will know that buying Retail Jewelry is an expensive affair since the retails has many coststo cover. When one chooses to buy the loose diamonds which are Certified, then there is no riskat all.

Buying loose diamonds in below situations is best reckoned

If you plan to Gift a piece of Jewelry, but at the same time not sure about the personaltaste, size ( especially of the ring) and the choice of the metal of his/ hers loved one. To play safe it is best suitable that a person should buy loose diamond and taking it to his/her goldsmith, who can suggest you various trends of jewelry would be helpful. Andwhat more you can save a lot on your own piece of purchased diamond..
If one intends to make jewelry presently at later stage, say for some forthcomingoccasion for self or someone special.( such as anniversaries, visiting parents, it would be convenient in breaking down the expenses of buying the diamondinitially, and making jewelry at the desired time and occasion.
Recommendable to buy your own diamond, if you are going for Custom madejewelry ,designer jewelry or say for your own developed designs.
Better savings is a big benefit, when you buy wholesale diamonds, with such part ofsavings one can invest in the choice of metal and style for enhancement and in bargainmake a better quality of jewelry.
It provides the opportunity to comparison, and choosing the best suited CertifiedDiamonds (we sell all loose diamond with a valid Grading Certficate for Guarantees)according to ones desired quality or price.
If one is seeking to buy Exclusive Diamonds, or Signature Diamonds or even Matchingpairs, which would be hard to find off-shelf and need to be ordered.Then you shouldconsider to contact us, with our qualification of being manufacturers you can surelybenefit from our wholesale prices.
We are 16diamonds are here to provide all the needed advises and information on thediamonds. Since we are in the field of diametrics from over 20 years. We also encourageclients to take time and go through the extensive and descriptive educational pages ofdiamonds which is presented with courtesy of IGI.( International)
Gem- the world’s mosttrusted, and preferred Diamond Grading Laboratory which has branches worldwide )