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Buyback Guarantee & Exchange

Diamond is the most portability product in the world and let your wealth protect. Be the trend pioneer, we lead into the “ Buyback Guarantee “ &  “ Exchange” service for our valuable customer.

We provide “ Buyback Guarantee” service to customer who’s bought over USD10,000 ( per product and purchase after 1year )  with extra 5% buyback value per each product invoice value ( the mount set & any kind of metal product is based on current market value and if there are handling charge or related charge will be deduct ) . You may choose to buy another product from us or get the Cash . That is why we have Investment Diamond. You can keep safe with your investment whenever you choose 16diamonds.

Remarks :The “ Buyback Guarantee “ &  “ Exchange” service and the buyback value of 5% is per product value which percentage is not annum accumulate (That’s means if you want to use this service after 3 years,  the value is still as per the invoice amount with buyback value of 5% fix ). 

The product have to qualify with the below conditions :

1.  Product / Item is purchase from Ltd

2. Applies to all product or goods above U.S. $ 10,000  over 1 year (the amount of one piece) (not applicable with Promotion / sales items )

3. With original sales invoices and certificates (certificate no fouling and crease), and the product needs

to match with the invoices, certificates

4. The previous purchase product has to verify the authenticity with our 16diamonds expert which is the product match with the invoice and certificate , that product must be a non-altered or adjusted by size, or artificially damaged product.

5.  The new purchase will contain new shipping and tax if necessary in your shipping destination.

Remarks: this service is not applicable with discount / coupon