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About Us is a young, bold and dynamic venture into online retailing of finest quality certified loose diamonds and alongside introducing some of the outstanding classical and elegant diamond jewelry for all ages. collections by the parent company China Diamond Group which is an accredited member the Responsible Jewelry Council, was founded in year 2000 purely out of good entrepreneurship and great passion to serve this field.

China Diamond Corporation Ltd. has travelled through this ever enduring journey with perseverance, innovative ideas and self motivated determination to make a niche for her and today stands to be a frontrunner in the field of diamonds in South Asian region.

Building Trust.

At China Diamond. We have always believed and put paramount emphasis and drive efforts in processing the prime quality diamonds from the mines to finish state,   combined with in-house state of the art facilities of R & D, doing business with ethical practices and serving attitude to please. Simply put we go all lengths in selling trusted luxurious diamonds at wholesale prices to consumer’s satisfaction


 It is quite a traditional practice here that each diamond is carefully chosen, processed with passion to express brilliance and sparkle. Each and every gem receives meticulous attention to every detail and stringiest testing by our own experienced diamond experts, further these gems are sent for inspection to be marked at the IGI, GIA. ,HRD., and NGTC  which are some of the best trusted and world renowned authorities in issuing certificates for gems and diamonds. All this translates in adding trust, confidence and pure joy to our elite clientele who proudly adorn these small wonders.

Our commitment.

Our jewelry designs are developed by gifted craftsmen who combine the finesse of art to produce great designs of elegant jewelry which sing and sparkle to expose the unique aesthetics of the wearer. No wonder the lady who wears our jewelry knows the hallmark quality and is a person reckoned to be with. The collections are sold locally and internationally in the fashion scenes to the leading retailers, jewelers and renowned auctioneers such as Sotheby’s and Christies appreciated for highest quality standards and providing great value in investment. The certified loose diamonds continue to impress with their luster and bought by both by international and Hong Kong’s leading and prominent high street jewelers and goldsmiths It comes as little surprise that our jewelry collection are adorned and appreciated internationally, also sold at some of the worlds’ most exclusive and renowned auctioneers such as  Sotheby’s and Christies who rely on us as their reliable partner for the  privileged jewelry collections.

Our good reputation and the simple pursuit of excellence has won us many accolades Thanks to our longstanding patrons as it gives our team inspiration  and motivation to please our client evermore in this relentless journey of delight.