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The shape of a diamond is its geometrical appearance, which includes proportions, finish and symmetry. More
The degree of colourlessness of a diamond is defined as its colour. It is the absence of colour that makes a diamond more valuable and rare.More
Degree of purity of a diamond or absence of inclusion is termed Clarity. This determines a diamond’s ability to let in light and reflect it. More
The cut of a diamond allows it to make the best use of light resulting in more brilliance.More
The value of a diamond is based on the appropriate combination of the 4 Cs of a diamond.
A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. Carat size alone does not represent the total beauty and value of a diamond.More
Symmetry defines the exactness of the shape of a diamond and the symmetrical arrangement of its facets.More
Polish of a diamond influences its ability to let in light and reflect it back resulting in its brilliance and scintillation.More
Certificates are proof of a diamond’s identity, authenticity and value.More
A diamond’s characteristic to change colour or glow when exposed to UV light is called fluorescence.More