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0.0800-克拉 圆石 钻石

编号 M2D87484


US$ 75


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台面比例: 61.00% 深度: 0.00 毫米 腰围:
底尖: N 深度:% 59.20%


编号 M2D87484
克拉: 0.08
切工級別: 很好
颜色: I
淨度: VVS2
底尖: N
腰厚比例: VTN TO MED
冠面比例 %: 32.8
亭深比例 %: 40.7
荧光强度: NON
拋光: 良好
对称: 良好
規格大小: 2.91 - 2.89 x 0.00 毫米
证书编号: M2D87484
证书: IGI

Diamond Grading Report

A Diamond Grading Report documents the specific characteristics of a diamond. These reports are issued by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which is among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry.

Cut: 很好
As determined by the GIA, this diamond has been cut to allow it to reflect most light that enters. A good cut is often significantly less expensive than a very good cut and is an acceptable choice for most jewelry.
Color: I
An E-color diamond is colorless to the unaided eye. Only a trained gemologist using special equipment can determine any color difference between a D- and an E-color diamond.
淨度: VVS2
This diamond has few, very small inclusions. The inclusions are very difficult to see under a 10x power magnification, and are almost never visible to the unaided eye.


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